Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 98 – Hyder Alaska to Telkwa British Columbia

Today’s Miles: 217
Total Miles to Date: 7639
Miles Remaining: 2385

August 22, 2010

No internet so this update will be posted another day.

We left Hyder Alaska and Alaska for the last time. Our route was back along BC 37A to BC 37, the Cassiar Highway to BC 16, known as the Yellow Head Highway.

Now just when one might think that we would be through with glaciers, I found one more to photograph along the way. It lies between Hyder and the junction of highways 37 & 37A.

Bear Glacier

The terminus of Bear Glacier is near the edge of Highway 37A. The lake is formed from the glacier runoff. There is a natural dam on the lake and the water then flows into Bear River. Smaller glaciers also add to the flow of Bear River as it makes its way into the Pacific Ocean.

We are just a little pass Smithers BC in a small community of Telkwa and are spending the night at Fort Telkwa RV Park.

IMG_0699 IMG_0698
Bulkley River views from our RV Camping Site


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