Thursday, August 12, 2010

Days 86 – Sutton AK to Chistochina River

Today’s Mileage 172
Miles to Date 6295
Miles remaining to home 3729

There is no internet where we are spending the night, so hopefully I will be able to post this in Tok tomorrow.

Well we did not quite make it to Tok today. The mountain grades / curves, narrow road and frost heaves made a rough, tiredly long driving day so we stop about 88 miles short of Tok to relax and spend the night. This will put us into Tok tomorrow before lunch.

The drive was very scenic, especially the portion along the Matanuska River and views of the Matanuska Glacier and Chugach Mountains. This time the clouds were high and we were able to see the glacier much better.

Matanuska River

The Matanuska River is created by the Matanuska Glacier.

Matanuska River Drive Video

Matanuska Glacier

As you will recall from the our travel log going the other way, the Matanuska Glacier is over 27 miles long, with an average width of 2 miles (4 miles wide at its terminus) and 18,000 years ago it terminus was at Palmer, 53 miles from the present terminus. The glacier head is in the Chugach Mountains.

IMG_0616 Chugach Mountains

Matanuska Glacier & Chugach Mountains Video

View of Chistochina River from our Overnight Parking Site

Our Mountain View from Chistochina River from our Overnight Parking Site

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