Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 106 – Donald BC to Radium Springs BC

August 30, 2010

Today’s Mileage: 81
Total Mileage to Date: 8388
Mileage to Home: 1707

Day 95 was the last day posted until today so go back to day 96 for videos of bears and a cub catching salmon at Hyder AK and day 104 for howling wolves at Golden BC plus the other missed days.

I forgot to mention that the other night low was 30 degrees F and the high was only 47 F. Today was a little better, the morning low was 43 F and today’s high in Radium Springs was 59 F.

We are now back at Radium Valley Vacation Resort in Radium Springs, BC. Radium Valley Vacation Resort was our first stop in Canadian back in May when we started our journey. We will spend 3 nights here and then cross back into the US at Eureka, Montana.

We can even get Montana Kalispell’s NBC station here via the RV Park’s cable connection so now we are able to watch local and national news again.

Our WiFi luck continues to haunt us. The WiFi was fairly good in May but now the signal is weak and the data rate is very slow. Fortunately they had an alternative, rent a cable modem for $5 per day. It is not quite as fast as one would expect a cable connection, 1.39 Mbps download and 0.480 Mbps upload. Well at least I seem to be making some headway on uploading the blog videos and posting previous blogs.

Next diesel fill up will be in Montana, bye to Canada’s $4 plus diesel & gas prices.

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