Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 93 –Cassiar Highway & Alaskan Highway to Rabid Grizzly Rest Area

Today’s Miles: 128
Total Miles to Date: 7157
Miles Remaining: 2887

There is no cell phone service or internet service at this overnight location, so like yesterday, today’s blog will have to be posted another day.

We lucked out and were able to join the 10:00 AM convoy through the forest fire area.

Convoy starting to enter heavier smoke

Convoy is entering burned area

Now in burned area, small fires are still visible on both sides of road

Starting to exit burned area

Out of burned area


Pilot car has left convoy and vehicles are spacing apart

 Convoy Video

Our first stop after we were free from the convoy was Jade City, population 50 in the summer and around 10 in the winter months. Jade City earned its name as a commercial outlet for Jade mined from the nearby mountains. The Princess Jade Mine located just 90 miles from Jade City in the Cassiar Mountains, accounts for 90% of world’s jade supply. One can purchase jade jewelry, jade carvings and jade rocks at Jade City. Jade rocks are sold by the slice or any tonnage you desire.

Jade City Video

After lunch and some purchases, we traveled another 50 or so miles to the Rabid Grizzly Rest Area that overlooks Dease Lake. We are now within striking distance of Hyder, AK provided the remaining portion of the highway is good. One never knows about the highway conditions or delays due to construction here until you come upon them. Maximum speed on the Cassiar is 80 KMPH. Frost heaves often slow you to less than 40 MPH.


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