Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 89 – Tok, AK to Destruction Bay, Yukon

Today’s Mileage 224
Miles to Date 6608
Miles remaining to home 3416

We made a little more progress today. We have crossed back into Canada’s Yukon Territory and are now more than halfway to Whitehorse, Yukon. There were no problems at the Canadian Customs. Just the usual questions about firearms and what do you do for a living. Answering “retired” prompted “What did you do before you retired”. So I said that I worked for HP and he said that “we were good to go” and wished us a good day and welcome us to Canada”.

The ride was a little rough to this point. I missed seeing a series of frost heaves. They were spaced just right to bounce the coach up and down hard enough to shake the washer/dryer loose and bow the crossbar rod in tow bar. I was able to get the washer/dryer back in place and have it secured the way Alfa secured it. There is not much to do about the tow bar. I have a spare at home and I should be okay until then as long as I take it easy to Haines Junction. At that point the frost heaves will behind us and we should have good roads the rest of the way.

We are spending the night at Destruction Bay. Destruction Bay is located on the shore of Kluane Lake. Destruction Bay is one of several towns that grew out of the building of the Alaskan Highway. It earned its name when a storm destroyed buildings and materials here. Destruction Bay was one of many relay stations spaced at 100 mile intervals to give truck drivers a break and a chance to repair their vehicles. Given the present road condition, I think nothing has changed as one certainly needs a break from be bounced around and I certainly needed to do some repairs.

A repeater station was also located here, providing telephone and telegraph service. Today the RV Park that we are staying at is providing WiFi service and microwave repeater towers provide cell phone service.

We do have a good view of Kluane Lake put I am a little pooped after today’s drive and repairs to take pictures of the lake. Besides, I think that I posted some of the lake on the way up.

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