Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 88 – Tok, AK

It has been a quiet somber day reflecting of the days spent at Camp Charlie and how helpful Charlie was. He was always there to answer your questions either by phone or in person. He treated all of his customers and friends like family. The Alfa Motor Home Family has truly lost one of their own.

This is our last day in Tok. As mentioned before, one must pass through Tok twice when driving via road to and from Alaska. There is only one route to take and it passes through Tok.

Tomorrow we will cross into Canada’s Yukon. Normally it is a two day drive to Whitehorse from Tok but due to the road condition between Tok and Haines Junction, most likely it will require three days. Coming up we had to drive 35 mph or slower because of the frost heave road damage.

We will most likely not have internet access until we reach Whitehorse unless we end up spending the night at a place that has WiFi. We should have cell phone service most of the time unless we end up spending the night in a deep valley.

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