Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 12

Today was a short travel day from Torrey Utah to Nephi, Utah a distance of 146 miles. We refueled at the Flying J in Nephi and will spend the night at an RV Park about a mile from the Flying J. We have 117 miles to go to Charlie's Service in Sunset, Utah. By positioning at Nephi, we can travel through Salt Lake City between the morning and evening rush hours tomorrow.

We did have a windshield incident about half way. An oncoming truck threw a rock that put a combination bull's eye / star break. So this afternoon out came the windshield pro repair kit. It is the first time that I had to use it since our Alaskan trip several years ago.

Wednesday & Thursday we will have the coach annual service done and then Friday is Ryan's graduation day. At least we think he is going to graduate.

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