Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 35


Four accomplishments today, washed the Hummer, wash the coach, fix a short in the boat and planted trout in the lake. Tomorrows schedule is to stake the road and finish the RO system in Don’s coach right after pancakes with pecans, maple syrup and sausage breakfast.

Waiting Our Turn 01

Getting Trout for Planning 02

 Waiting our turn to pickup trout


      Picking up a load of trout for planting in the lake

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Barbara B. said...

I love seeing all the lakes, rivers, and waterfalls (we don't have enough of them in Arizona). I'm sure you're enjoying the cooler temps and even the cloudy/rainy skies. It's really heating up here. Even in Prescott we're in the 90s - thank goodness it's still getting down into the 60s at night.