Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day 18

Well we didn't make our scheduled departure from Charlie's today. It rain throughout the night and morning. The new forecast is for partly clouding skies tomorrow with a chance of afternoon thunder showers. There is a cold front coming through and at two o'clock it is still just 57 degrees.

The clouds have lifted somewhat and are starting to breakup. Enough so that the Hill Air Force Base air show is back on. A World War II P51 followed by two fighter jets just flew by. Charlie's is right across the highway from Hill so we will get to see some of the air show again today.

The extra day did give us some extra time to catch up on housekeeping chores both for the coach and the laptops plus we were able to sleep in this morning.

The new plan is to prepare the coach for departure this evening, get up early and hit the road to avoid the morning rush hour traffic. We will top off the fuel tank at the last Flying J 78 miles down the road and have breakfast there. That way we will have sufficient fuel to get us through the back country of Idaho and Montana and to the big city of Missoula, Montana.

We did plan a few extra days on this leg so we will still remain on schedule by reducing our stay by a day at Massacre Rocks.

Hopefully we will have better internet coverage on this leg then we did in southern Utah.

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