Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 26

We had partly cloudy skies today. It turned out to be a good day to tour Mackay’s Mine Hill, the town of Mackay (population 550) and the Mackay Dam.


Mackay from the mountain Mackay mushroomed into existence in 1901, when the railhead serving the mines was located on the eastern edge of the present city. During its heyday, Mackay boasted a population of several thousand.




Lost River 02 The Lost River Valley belonged to the American Indians for nearly 10,000 years, not as a permanent home, but one of many hunting and gathering sites.




Lost River 01 The area was visited by the first white man in June, 1823 by a French trapper, Antone Godin, who gave his name to the river. Ten years later, the river could not be found; hence, the “lost” river became the Big Lost River.



Mackay’s Mine Hill

Click on the pictures to enlarge them to read the history of the mining hill.

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