Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 31


Spring Gulch – Sula, MT

More overcast skies and rain. No sun, no solar charging so I have to run the generator to charge the batteries and run the heat pumps to warm the coach. It is only 54 degrees at 2:00 PM. The low last night was 48. Not much daytime warming.

This area has an interesting history, the pictures tell the story.

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Sula 03The Meeting Place 08 Sula Montana  






Salish meet Lewis & Clark 04 Salish meet Lewis & Clark 05 Salish meet Lewis & Clark 06

 The Meeting Place 13

The Meeting Place  The Meeting Place 09

How it looks today 




 Salish meet Lewis & Clark 16 Salish meet Lewis & Clark 15Salish meet Lewis & Clark 17


Trout Fishers 10 Trout Fishers 11 Trout Fishers 12

Trout Fishing on the Bitterroot River

Bitterroot Mountains 14

The Bitterroot Mountains

Road History 01

Highway History

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