Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 24


Today we traveled 144 road miles from Massacre Rocks State Park to Mackay Reservoir. As the crow flies it is only 95 miles. The Snake River and mountains sure do get in the way.

The weather was overcast the whole trip but no rain. About ¾ of the way we did our good deed for the day. At the junction of US 26 & US 20 there was a large gravel lot that we pulled into for a pit stop. We pulled alongside a red car with a young lady in it. She got out and looked at us as if she was waiting for someone. As we were about to leave, she again got out of her car and looked at us. I then asked if she was okay. It turned out she was a nurse that worked the nightshift at a Pocatello hospital and she was on her way home that is in Arco an 80 plus mile commute one-way. She was too sleepy to drive and had pulled off at the junction to sleep. When she woke, her battery was dead as she had left her lights on.  We were able to push her car alongside the Hummer and jumper the batteries to get it started.

Mackay Reservoir We arrived at Mackay Reservoir at 1:30, set up camp and had lunch. About 4:00 the downpour came. Yesterday on the local news they said that Idaho Reservoirs are now 86% to 101% full. Most are in the high 90% range with several at 100% and one at 101%. More rain is forecast through the week. Currently the outside temperature is 53. During the past week lows have been in the upper 40s and highs in the low 60’s.


The campground is on BLM land. The Golden Eagle discount with electric and water is $9.00 per night.


Lost River Range The snow covered peak is 12,662 feet. It most likely got more snow this afternoon.

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