Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 23


Ancient Water Falls01Ancient Water Falls – The water drain out of Lake Bonneville for 8 weeks


Pelican Rock 02 Pelican Rock 03

Pelican Rock down from our RV Site – My name for it since pelicans roost on it every day.

We finally woke to blue skies this morning. As this is our last day at Massacre Rocks, we decided to take a ride down river to Lake Walcott Reservoir. Raija wanted to see the dam and campground there. We both decided that the Massacre Rocks Campground is better.

Snake River Rapids There were some rapids in the Snake River just below the dam. They are probably similar to what the American Falls were before they built the dam at American Falls although I suspect that the American Falls was actually more of a falls then rapids.

We made it back to our camp at Massacre Rocks just before a thunder storm with hail hit. Now we are back to a steady rain. Hopefully with a little luck, it will be dry in the morning for out departure north.

Rapids below the dam at Lake Walcott

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