Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 21

Today’s forecast is showers throughout the day and this morning the forecast was right on so we decided to hang out at the RV, have lunch and then take a drive into American Falls. After all the name implies that there must be a falls there on the Snake River. Well there was a falls there back during the wagon train days. But with the coming of electricity someone decided that it would be a good place for a power generator plant. The first generator took advantage of the falls and the falls remained in place along with the town of American Falls.

In 1925 Idaho Power decided to build a dam for a larger power plant. Since Al Gore was not around, the dam was built and now there is no more falls. Even the town had to be moved as the original town site and old wagon bridge are now under water.

Modern Dam

Old Power House

Rocks that formed the Original American Falls

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