Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Days 33 & 34

Day 33

We travel from Missoula, MT to Marion, MT just around 140 miles. First we ran into long stretch of road construction and rain. The road was muddy and both the coach and the Hummer were well coated with mud. It looked as we were traveling in Alaska. After clearing the road construction, there was an accident that blocked the highway. The two incidents added over an hour to the trip.

Flathead Lake 01 Flathead Lake 02

Flathead Lake

We arrived at Don & Karen’s mid afternoon to more rain, wind and forty degree temperature. The northwest is having a wet and cool start to summer.

Don & Karen's 03

Lake McGregor 04

Lake McGregor

Day 34

Today seems like our first day since leaving Tucson without rain. The sky cleared, light wind and temperature made it up to 63. We even made progress in converting the RO water system in Don’s coach from just RO drinking water to having RO water throughout the entire coach. The re-plumbing was completed today and tomorrow or the next day we should complete wiring the controller.

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