Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 20

Our Morning Views

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We spent the late morning and afternoon investigating the historic sites in the Massacre Rocks area.

Ancient Waterfalls

The area is rich in geological history. Devil’s Gate Pass is all that remains of an extinct volcano. Ancient waterfalls that pour water into the Snake River from Lake Bonneville are just across the river from our camping site. Lake Bonneville covered much of what is today the state of Utah. The prehistoric Bonneville Flood shaped the landscape of the area, rolling and polishing huge boulders found throughout the area. For a time the flow was four times that of the Amazon River. It was the second largest flood in the geologic history of earth.

The Oregon Trail parallel the Snake River as the emigrants continued their journey west from American Falls.

Register Rock is home to a huge boulder that holds the signatures of Oregon Trail emigrants who stopped for the night before continuing on their journey.

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