Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 30

Today we traveled a whole 80 plus miles to Spring Gulch, MT. Now one might ask, why drive so little? Well there are two reasons. One is when retired, why hurry. The second and more important is, Don needs time to find Montana Huckleberries and Karen needs time to bake the huckleberry pie before we arrive at their home on Monday.

Today’s drive took us up over the Bitterroot Mountains. It is easy to see why the Bitterroots cause such a difficult time for the Lewis & Clark exploration party and why they lost so many horses to falls and exhaustion. The forest is so thick that one cannot see what lies ahead and the mountains are very steep.

We are camped in the Bitterroot National Forest alongside the Bitterroot River. We plan to spend two nights here. There is cell phone and internet service plus one TV station, NBC.

Spring Gulch Campground 01Spring Gulch Campground

Bitterroot River 01 Bitterroot River 03 Bitterroot River 04

Bitterroot River

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